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Nov 12

Life Bitch Slap #3: “You Knew What You Were Doing”

You did you know. You knew what you were doing.

Everyday I get a note from the Universe delivered to me. Sound crazy? I swear I am not. You can grab your own if you want, over 400,000 people get the daily note. It’s often a reminder of strength, life, love, or something else equally as awesome. Many of them get read from my bed after I hit snooze on my alarm, and I gloss right over them. But one of them the other day really struck me. I mean really struck me. Here is what it said:


Well damn. Isn’t that the truth. That bitch slap was hard and real — I got me here. I made choices, I made plans, I made moves to get me right where I am…and I knew what I was doing.

As the year winds down (almost every year) I get this overwhelming feeling. I feel like a tornado on top of a tornado on top of a tornado. This year has been crazy. “Crazy-push-your-limits-awesome-work” stuff. “Deeper-love-for-life” stuff. “Travel-all-over-the-damn-globe” stuff. “Side-projects-crowd-funded-and-now-becoming-real” stuff. I find myself gasping for air sometimes and I can’t help but feel like I’m a passenger in all of this sometimes. But it felt good to read this and remind myself. I knew what I was doing when I said yes. When I launched the side project. When I committed to this love. When I took this new role (that is way beyond my comfort zone in so many ways.)

I knew what I was doing.

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