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Jun 15

Dear Mom, I Miss You Like Crazy Pants

12 years. Twelve years ago today you died. Every year on the anniversary, I’ve wanted to write a blog post on the anniversary of your death but I haven’t. For one reason or a hundred, I just haven’t.

So this year as we approach the midnight hour and my body throws itself into a nostalgic state I thought I would just throw out a few memories, and recap some of the best things she taught me. I’m good at Top 10 lists (aren’t we all?) so lets go ahead and roll with that…

Mom Moment #10: Family dinners. Those were amazing, even though I never ate anything you ever cooked. I’m sorry about that. I realize now that Rice-a-Roni is *not* in fact a meal, but I thank you for cooking it almost every ¬†night just so I would eat something. I’d give literally anything to sit down at that table with you and the family again…anything.

Mom Moment #9: Your hands. Your hands are one of the only things I can still remember in detail. Your face has blurred into images, along with so many other things, but your hands…I remember them so vividly. They saved days, and worked hard, and were wrinkled with years of memories. I get lost sometimes looking at hands of strangers, hoping to see some that resemble yours. I see mine start to look yours, and I welcome every vein, every wrinkle, every mark. Continue reading →