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Nov 04

The Power of a Sequin

Sequins. Glitz. Glamour. Girlyness. I’ve always loved it all. When I was a child I remember practicing how to walk in heels on the road in front of my house…I was like 12. Thankfully for me the heels were only half an inch or so, and we lived on a deadend street. Years later our neighbor mentioned that she couldn’t stop laughing that day when she looked out and I was walking back in forth in my white heels (there were part of my Confirmation outfit…irony at its finest) and my dress, with a white purse swinging back and forth. What a hilarious, girly mess I was.

Or am rather.

Believe it or not being a girl has not always come easy to me. YouTube tutorials, texts to friends, MAC counter lessons…I’ve done it all. And still I just recently mastered a smokey eye. #thatshitishard

With that said, over the years I’ve grown to love my “far from model perfect” sex appeal. I’ve found a laid back style that still dazzles my boyfriend, makes me strut {albeit more of an awkward walk}, and I’ve found a vibe I feel comfortable in. I’ve learned to embrace my version of glitz. Continue reading →