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Apr 07

Why I Believe in the Power of Neon

Something has happened friends. We are in the middle of a neon revolution (you know…like the eighth one in the history of revolutions). We are seeing it everywhere. I personally couldn’t be more happy. I believe in the power of neon. yellow sheer shirt

What the hell does neon mean? Some things that might come to mind: Kelly Kapowski, lava lamps, leg warmers, and drugs. All of which do very much have their roots in neon. But then again so do I. When I was younger my sister and I were told we could pick the color of our bedroom. Like most young ladies our age we did the most obvious thing — we picked a different neon color for each wall. We also wrote in pen across our current walls in big letters what color each wall should be.

My mom and dad were not amused.

Neon has something. It’s electric and I adore that. It’s unmistakable, impossible to ignore, and larger than life. Much like all things should be if you ask me. So why do I believe in the power of neon? Because I believe that life is short, and color matters. I believe that how we visually shock this world should reflect the impact we hope to have in it. I believe that neon colors could very well change the course of any day.

neon wall art

And drape myself in it I will. I’ve bought shoes, nail polishes, shirts, and phone covers. I’ve embraced Neon so much I am wearing it as makeup. Hell to the yes. I’ve talked about the power of a color before, and I do very much think Neon has the same possibilities. Why not be bolder? Why the hell not.

FWIW I think the current Neon phase might just become the norm. I don’t think we will see this one fade. Much like we saw with chunky gold watches, and studded boots, I think we may just find that Neon is setting up shop in our 2013 world. I, for one, hope so.

Looking for more Neon inspiration? I’m pinning the hell out of it right now.