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Jan 24

Fashion, Tech Ladies, and Cocktails – Join Me at the Poshmark Winter Essentials Party!

For those of you following my rambles about ISITaYES, it probably comes at no surprise that I love fashion apps. I’m constantly bouncing between them, downloading new ones, and trying them out. I came across Poshmark not too long ago and was impressed. It’s like a virtual closet swap – hello fun! Next week they are throwing a little party here in Seattle (see details below), and I’d love to invite my fellow fashion lovers to join me.

A few ladies from around town (including the always fashionable @mollieinseattle & @jessestrada) and I will be co-hosting a get together where us style-obsessed women can get together and catch up. I know I am newer to this world than most of the other ladies, but I can’t think of anything I’d rather do then get all gussied up and talk fashion with brilliant tech ladies. Continue reading →

Nov 04

The Power of a Sequin

Sequins. Glitz. Glamour. Girlyness. I’ve always loved it all. When I was a child I remember practicing how to walk in heels on the road in front of my house…I was like 12. Thankfully for me the heels were only half an inch or so, and we lived on a deadend street. Years later our neighbor mentioned that she couldn’t stop laughing that day when she looked out and I was walking back in forth in my white heels (there were part of my Confirmation outfit…irony at its finest) and my dress, with a white purse swinging back and forth. What a hilarious, girly mess I was.

Or am rather.

Believe it or not being a girl has not always come easy to me. YouTube tutorials, texts to friends, MAC counter lessons…I’ve done it all. And still I just recently mastered a smokey eye. #thatshitishard

With that said, over the years I’ve grown to love my “far from model perfect” sex appeal. I’ve found a laid back style that still dazzles my boyfriend, makes me strut {albeit more of an awkward walk}, and I’ve found a vibe I feel comfortable in. I’ve learned to embrace my version of glitz. Continue reading →

Aug 15

Fashion – A New Chapter for Me

Sometimes you need to say something out loud to make it real. You know? It’s like the first time I said “I love you” to Peter, my amazing boyfriend, even though I had been feeling it for months. Or it’s like when you make a tough career decision and say out loud for the first time “honestly, I’m not so sure what to do.” There is a promise in saying something out loud…a duty if you will.

Yesterday I met with a brilliant friend of mine – Michelle Goldberg. She took two hours of her time to walk through my career path, my branding, my ideas, and more. She offered her experience (of which is truly priceless) as a successful, strong, smart, funny, and fashionable woman in tech. Leaving our chat I was high on life.

It was the sort of high us “seekers of self” rarely get. Maybe it happens after we create a new Pinterest board that perfectly sums us up, or maybe it happens after a life-long friend stuns you with a truth about yourself that is hard to grasp any other way.

Either way I walked out of that meeting with a clearer sense of who I am and what I want. For reals. Crazy I know. She reminded me that I have more dimensions to myself than just startups and marketing. She pointed out examples of my softer side, and my edgier side. She pointed out that I have a lot of room to grow in knowing who I am. Well smack. Ain’t that the truth?! Continue reading →