The Power of a Sequin

Sequins. Glitz. Glamour. Girlyness. I’ve always loved it all. When I was a child I remember practicing how to walk in heels on the road in front of my house…I was like 12. Thankfully for me the heels were only half an inch or so, and we lived on a deadend street. Years later our neighbor mentioned that she couldn’t stop laughing that day when she looked out and I was walking back in forth in my white heels (there were part of my Confirmation outfit…irony at its finest) and my dress, with a white purse swinging back and forth. What a hilarious, girly mess I was.

Or am rather.

Believe it or not being a girl has not always come easy to me. YouTube tutorials, texts to friends, MAC counter lessons…I’ve done it all. And still I just recently mastered a smokey eye. #thatshitishard

With that said, over the years I’ve grown to love my “far from model perfect” sex appeal. I’ve found a laid back style that still dazzles my boyfriend, makes me strut {albeit more of an awkward walk}, and I’ve found a vibe I feel comfortable in. I’ve learned to embrace my version of glitz.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine sent an invite out for her and her fiance’s engagement party. I love these two people. They have the “we knew each other when we were young, but didn’t realize until we were a bit older just how damn perfect we are for each other” story that we all are secretly obsessed with. They are heads over heels for each other, and they are unique souls, in the most perfect way. So as you could guess their engagement party came with a little something extra. It was a old Hollywood themed party. It encouraged us all to “break out the jewels, fur, and sequins” for a night out with friends. I was *quite excited.*

The funny thing is…I own a lot of sequins. For a girl that works in a laid back industry, who lives in a rainy city, and grew up next to a farm…I own a hell of a lot of sequins. So I did what ANY woman would do…I went and bought more. A mini dress full of them to be exact. I then did the exact opposite of what I would normally do…

I paired that dress with my  gold glitter high heels, through on a fur shawl, put on my biggest bling earrings, and paired it with a red lip. Yup…I got after it. The result? This moment for starters…

Yes that is me holding two glasses of champagne. No judging friends, I like my bubbles. But anyway, I digress.

Sequins. What is  it about sequins that make me feel so damn sexy. Maybe its my inner starlet wanting to play, or my five years in LA trying to keep up with the Kardashians (there are like thousands of them in LA I swear). I don’t know what it is but when I put on that dress, I was unstoppable. I jokingly said to Peter… “I’ve been waiting my whole life to wear this outfit.”

It may seem extreme, but it’s true. It takes a bold moment to put on a sequin mini dress and walk out the door. And while I am confident, I’m not always bold…especially when it comes to fashion. But last night…hot damn I wore nothing but sequins and it felt amazing.

I should note many of my lady friends also rocked their sequin-loving side…in fact one wore the exact dress. Which resulted in this epic photo…

Yup. That happened. #amazing

I woke up this morning with a whole lot of glitter around the apartment. I couldn’t help but laugh and think I need more of this in my life. While I might not always be able to wear a mini dress made of sequins, I could find ways to interject a little more glitz into my day. One of my friends at work just bought a stapler covered in bling. Now that’s what I’m freaking talking about. I think its time we all embraced whatever “bold” means to you and your fashion. Find ways to wear it more, surround ourselves in it, and just get after it.

Imagine if everyday was just a hair bolder? What a difference that would make in our weeks…then our months…then the years of our life. 

If you see me at the next conference, or the next night out, or the next random Tuesday afternoon and I happen to be wearing a few sequins here or there…don’t be surprised. I think it’s time for a few more sequins in my life.

p.s. I should note the real show stopper of the night was a gorgeous man that showed up in a full tux…white bow tie…white vest…and tails. Talk about bold. Now that’s a man to never let go of…

  • Brittan Bright

    Love everything about this post Joanna. Get em’ girl;)!

  • Gianluca Fiorelli

    I think that if also Roger wears a sequin equipment… you both could rock in any Congress…