Oh Life – You So Crazy

This is going to be a short one. Here I am…writing a blog post after a four month hiatus. That is just awful. I apologize. No really, I do. how I feel laterly

Life has been a little crazy lately, not that I have to tell you that. I remember a few years ago thinking that if I could just get X taken care of, and get Y underway, then life would slow down. Wow, that was stupid. I’ve realized this year in particular, that this is just the speed I live life at…that we all do. This year I did all sorts of crazy things, but so did you, and I am betting that YOU managed to get a post up in the past four months. #mefail

I could go on and on with all the things that have kept me busy  but I am thinking you probably don’t care. They say the first post after a long break is the hardest, and wow are “they” right. I have been thinking for weeks “I should blog about that” and then talk myself out of it because it’s not a good enough topic to break such a long streak of bloggers block with. I’ve watched hundreds of great personal posts wander through the stream, and I keep thinking — “just get on there and write something you fool!”  And here I am, writing fluffery just to write.

So back to the craziness…how are you all doing out there? Are you all freaking out like me these days? Wake up, coffee, work, meeting, conference, launch, cancer, meeting, work, new responsibilities, homesick, coffee, new startup idea, ugh, work, geesh really, site down, wanderlust strikes, competitor launch, big meeting, funding, no funding, coffee, marathon, new role, new side gig, another new side gig, omg insomnia, conference, work, childish drama, coffee, panic, wine, sleep. That bring’s us to October. What the hell happened to this year?

Anyway, there is still two and a half months to this year and I am hoping to salvage it a bit on the blogging front. I head to London this weekend for SearchLove, Distilled’s London conference. I’ll be speaking on Social Media and Competitive Analysis — a topic that has been front of mine lately as we dance into some new territories around the office. A few days after that I speak in Barcelona, Spain at MozCation (sidenote: I don’t speak Spanish…like at all, geeezzz). I’ll be speaking on Retargeting and how SEO’s can leverage it to uncover hidden opportunities. Somewhere in those ten days of travel I’ll be writing up and practicing my two PubCon Vegas presentations – one on Landing Page Optimization and one on Retargeting – A New Kind of Display Advertising.

I’ve got PowerPoint on my mind. I don’t know how my boss – Rand Fishkin does this all year. Just thinking about all those titles, subtitles, and images makes me tired. Wine anyone?

Okay so this is now officially a ramble, but sometimes you need to have a public ramble to remind you that all of this isn’t THAT big of a deal. Not every word has to be the word. You know? Kind of makes you wonder how much of this craziness is self-inflicted?

With that said…damn life has been crazy lately. Hope you are all hanging on tight these days. I am hoping to get up some search marketing related posts soon enough. With the organic search query debacle of yesterday, and the new Google Analytics features coming our way, I am feeling a search marketing revival brewing in my fingertips…

In the meantime…keep on, keeping on fellow crazy friends. #love


  • http://righteousmarketing.com Robert Brady

    Glad to have you back blogging. And I agree, it has been a crazy fast year.

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