My 2014 Style Resolutions

Dear 2013, you were one hell of a year. Full of emerald greens, leather accents, and personal mountains…I must say…just wow.

I am quite excited about the year ahead. Choosing to take the reins more, go after what really makes me happy, care less what others think, and put my time just where I want it to go. Call it my early thirties, being single for the first time in three years, or just good ole fashioned New Year mojo – but I’m ready for you 2014.

I thought I’d throw together a fresh list of my style resolutions. Rather than commit to more work/life balance (meh, no thanks), or to cook more (I’m way ahead of you 2014!) or finally get back to dancing (which I really do want to do) – I decided to come up with resolutions at they relate to fashion, style, makeup, and more.

Last year I challenged myself to learn more about the fashion industry, committed to blogging more, got up my ISITaYES site/blog, and finished up my fashion app (ready to launch soon). So what is the next chapter for me in this stylish ride? I’m not entirely sure, but I think these style resolutions are a good place to start.

1. Wear more dresses. I’ve been drawn to them lately. Maybe because I miss being feminine, or maybe because I feel more free flowing than previous years. But this year I vow to wear more dresses. Long ones, short ones, cinched at the waist, and layered. I went on a date not to long ago and the man picked me up and twirled me and I kept thinking – man I wish I had on a beautiful maxi dress right now, so the wind could catch and this moment could last longer. [Yes I think those things. That's totally normal, right? right?]

Goal: Twirl more.

2. Find the perfect pair of nude heels. I’m embarrassed to admit I don’t own nude pumps. Yup. I said it. I know they are the staple, the thing to own. But damn they are hard to find. If I have to dedicate multiple weekends to this adventure, I will [cough] [cough] [willingly] put in the time. Suggestions welcome, as are shopping buddies. I must find them to help me tackle #6, and to also figure out that whole “make your legs look so damn long” thing. With all the dresses I’ll be wearing, it’s a must.

Goal: Find the confidence to show off more leg.

3. Discover orchid accents. Pantone…I adore you. Last year it was emerald and this year orchid. I appreciate you keeping us on our toes. Purple is such a rich, and soulful color. It reminds me of being young and carefree. I’d wear head to toe purple, and bounce around. So this year I will embrace this feminine accent in fun new ways – maybe menswear, maybe jewelry, maybe a pair of kicks if I can find them.

Goal: Lace into my life the softer side of bold.

4. Finally figure out boyfriend jeans and pumps. You might be thinking this trend is “over.” Oh that’s right…I don’t care. I am 5 foot nothing, and I dig boyfriend jeans. High heels and jeans. I’ve been trying to understand the boyfriend jeans and pumps phenomenon for the last two years but with little success. This is the year. I must figure out the right length, drape of the jean, height of the heel, so on and so forth.

Goal: Show up at a happy hour in said outfit, order martini, look fabulous. Repeat.

5. Explore hairstyles & find a signature. Confession: I have absolutely no idea what to do with my hair. I’ve been a blond, a brunette. I’ve cut it short, grown it out, permed it, straightened it. I’ve done bangs, no bangs, back to bangs, back to no bangs. Hell I’ve tried it all. Alas…I am no closer to really understanding how to do my hair. Most days it’s a high bun, or a low ponytail. There has to be more. Tis the time to figure this out.

Goal: Stop pretending a messy bun looks great [caveat: everyday for every occasion].

6. 31 year old professional me…figure that out. I’m 31. I’m 31. Holy snap. I’m 31. I want to start dressing like what 31-year-old Joanna should dress like. What is that you ask? Don’t panic - I have a pinterest board for just this occasion…uhmmm and a Wanelo collection. [Don't judge me!] Clean lines, polished, sexy, bold colors, and layers. Leather, chic, with the occasional “favorite piece.” Oh…and once a while there is a casual -  ripped jeans, meets soft t-shirt, with bulky sweater and chunky necklace look. Anyway. I’ve got a magnet pulling me this direction, so it’s time to get after it already.

Goal: Stop throwing on jeans and a black sweater. For the love of all the others things in my closet – start taking chances.

7. Bold lips. Do ‘em. I keep buying the colors anyway. I really do. I own so many – hot pink, classic red, orange red, dark plum. I buy them all. And at the bottom of my bag they sit. My friend Kristy has inspired me this year. She walks into our happy hours sporting the latest bold hue, with a bright green scarf, and leopard print accent. My response? Damnnnn girl. I want more of that in my life. “Damnnnn girl” moments…if only thought by myself, in my apartment. So bold lips…it’s your time to shine.

Goal: Simple really…just wear ‘em. Like put them on and then [GASP!] leave the house.

red lip glam

I think there is a fun photoshoot in my future...

8. Find that perfect right-hand ring. My ex gave me a ring and I fell in love with it. It was the perfect right-hand ring. Dainty band, delicate diamonds in a vintage set. I want to find its Version 2.0. Maybe it’s a big, beautiful sapphire, or emerald in emerald cut (so meta). I’m not sure. Required: gold delicate band, and good vibes.

Goal: Find a ring that I love, love, love. Buy said ring.

9. Get clothes tailored to fit my body. Tim Dunn has been telling me to do this for years, but I never do. This is the year…to wear clothes that actually fit. If you don’t fit, then you friend, are getting tailored. It’s time to stop drowning in sweaters, and rolling under pants. I’m tossing the coats that are more like snuggies, and finding my body again.

Goal: End the year with clothes that actually fit me. How novel. 

10. Wear more of my favorite things. Together. All the time. I worry a lot about dressing “right.” I’m an occasion dresser. That can be fun, but because of it I often pair back the outfit I originally envision. Take off that necklace, or go with the simpler shirt, so on and so forth. Well, I’m tired of it. I’m vowing to wear more of my favorite things – all together – all at once. Pink, on pink, with bling, and more pink? Why the hell not. This is the year of wearing more of my favorite things.

Goal: Less editing, more me.

There you have it. My 2014 style resolutions. They are out there for you to throw in my face when you see me with a high bun, no lip color, and a black basic crew neck sweater on. Feel free to yell at me. I promise to appreciate it.

I sure hope this year is full of less editing, and more you. Wear that color, that piece, that outfit you love. Try that look, that hairstyle, that trend that you have wanted to for so long. It’s just fashion friends. It’s meant to be fun. And, in my experience, it has the power to change the course of the entire day ahead so why not go big? 

Less editing. More you. Cheers to 2014!

Also fun little thank you to 2013…here are a few of my favorite selfies/looks/moments/breaths of fashion…

  • Juana

    Love it, Joanna! Cheers directly from Brazil.

  • JD (Jacqui) Sullivan

    This is awesome. You’re an inspiration, thanks!.