My 2014 Style Resolutions & How I Did

What a year it has been. Holy snap. If you all remember a year ago I made my 2014 style resolutions as a forcing function to be more bold and #wearwhatIlove. It only seems appropriate for me to look back and see how I’ve done. So here we go!

Resolution #1: Wear more dresses
Result: Success. 
Nailed it. I wore more dresses this past year than the previous five years combined. I have to admit I was often tempted to throw on jeans but remembered the resolution and went for it. Certainly made for some fun dates, some fancy events, and more. A few of my favorite dress moments (please note there was a great deal of twirling this year!)…

Resolution #2: Find the perfect pair of nude heels.
Result: Success. Done! This was one of the first resolutions to get completed. I’ve worn them a bunch since then as well. The rumor is true – they really do make you look taller. The boyfriend also loved them, so bonus points for that.

Resolution #3: Discover orchid accents.
Result: Loss. Meh. Confession: I bought a few things and honestly didn’t love them. They ended up sitting in my closet for most of the year. With that said I did wear a lot more bright colors this year and I am BEYOND excited for Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year – Marsala. Deep, wine red? Yes please.

Resolution #4: Finally figure out boyfriend jeans and heels.
Result: Loss. Booo. Not so good. I didn’t wear them one single time. Sad but true. You’ve alluded me yet again boyfriend jeans. Wait until spring comes around and let’s see what we can do. It’s not the end boyfriend jeans…just you wait.

Resolution #5: Explore hairstyles & find a signature.
Result: Success. I am really proud of this one, and it was a late year win to be honest. I give BirchBox all the credit for this one. I basically started trying product is excess until I found something that worked and BOOM – silky, smooth hair. Signature style ended up being down and naturally wavy. Quite the win. Natural, beautiful, long, brown hair. Finesse commercial style.

Resolution #6: 31 year old professional me…figure that out.
Result: Success. Huge gains here. I wore more blazers, more skirts, more blouses. I took chances on leather and fur and all sorts of things. I bought heels I could run circles in and I found my groove. No more jeans and tshirts for me. Best look ended up being: Rag & Bone jeans, button up blouse, statement necklace and booties for those 10 -12 hour days. Excited to see where 32 year old me takes this year. Can you say midi dress? 

Resolution #7: Bold lips, do them.
Result: Success. Not everyday but wayyyy more than ever before. This year I also learned the importance of a good lip primer and bought about 100 shades of red. Something tells me next year is going to be even bolder on the lip front. Hell, let’s be honest…on all fronts.

Resolution #8: Find the perfect right hand ring.
Result: Success. I am in love with it. Not only did I return the ex’s ring as a way of saying Namaste but I spent the year trying on baubles. Some in other countries, some in Seattle, and some from online boutiques. I did BaubleBar, and Rockbox and then I *saw* it. The right hand ring I’ve been waiting for it. I ended up buying it off TrueFacet (a Seattle Techstars company I am loving). Here it is…


Resolution #9: Get clothes tailored to fit my body.
Result: Success. Guys…if you buy clothes that fit they actually look better. Who knew? I ended up purging most of my closet this past year, trading everything in for a smaller size and I’m loving it. Come to find out I was rocking the wrong sizes and lengths on just about everything. My stylist at Nordstrom told me this is really common. So women – COME ON. BUY CLOTHES THAT SHOW OFF WHAT YA GOT.

Resolution #10: Wear more of my favorite things.
Result: Success. So much success. All up 2014 was a year of big changes. New job, new apartment, new car, new relationship (man he is handsome, swoon),  and to top it all off I wore what I loved. Every. single. day. Maybe that outfit was a little loud for that party, maybe that was a little fancy for the office, maybe that was a little ridiculous for that event…I couldn’t care less. I wore more of my favorite things and swaggered all over the place.

Side effect of finding your style swagger? Buying bright blue pants, draping yourself in leather, jumping in fountains, wearing mini dresses covered in sequins, fitting in that LBD better than ever before, smiling bigger, and throwing on a leopard blazer because…hey it’s a Tuesday. #wearwhatyoulove

So as I round out the year I can’t help but think, this past year was quite the success. In fact it was pretty damn amazing. 8 out of 10 style resolutions were a success and I feel better in my body and in my style than ever before. Lesson learned? Don’t just wear what’s easy. Don’t just wear what “you should.” Wear what you love and spend time on feeling great in your skin. It makes all the difference.

Congrats on an amazing 2014 friends, and cheers to a stylish and bold 2015. You’re so beautiful.