Love Shopping? Support My New Mobile App – ISITaYes!

Well I did it. After a year of talking about “this little app idea” I have, I went ahead and put it on Indiegogo, a crowdsourcing platform. So now I need your help! Most of you have seen my tweets and facebook posts as I prepared for this to go live. It’s been an amazing adventure thus far…and it’s just getting started.

So What Is the App All About?

It’s called ISITaYES? and its a social shopping app. You can easily take a picture of something you are thinking about buying, tag with brand, event or style, and then share to your friends (either a close circle of friends or your social network). You then get votes, and can easily see in the app if you should buy or pass. It’s a quick way to crowdsource your shopping dilemmas. For the visual nuts in the crowd, here you go:

Sounds fun right? I think so. In fact, I think so enough to try and raise $44,000 to get it designed and developed. I’ve contracted a firm here in Seattle called SeattleAppLab. They have done a ton of beautiful apps, and I think they are going to be a great fit for the project. With that said, I can’t move forward with them until I reach my funding goal, so any support you can give would be great.

Why Did I Do This Again?

This is something I’ve asked myself about 100 times over the past few weeks. After all, I’ve got a pretty full plate between SEOmoz, my blog, guest blogging, socializing, and good ole fashion good times with friends. But then again…why not? In just the past couple weeks I’ve learned to shoot video, cut video, get a crowdsourced funding page together, branded a new product, and shaped a message. I’ve worked closely with friends to get feedback and iterate. I’ve researched the new industry of “social shopping” and frankly…I’ve had a hell of a time.

You know that saying “do something everyday that scares you” …well frankly that saying is honestly crazy. Why?! Why would I want to do something every single day that freaked me out?

On the other hand, I’ve really embraced it the last few days. The idea of putting one of my ideas up on a site and asking my friends as well as strangers for money has to be one of the more terrifying Internet moments I’ve ever had. Even more than my first (and only, thus far) Whiteboard Friday…which had me hiding under my desk the morning it went up.

I think I fear the possibility of it all, at times – what if a hundred people watch this? What if a thousand? OMG…what if my dad watches it and leaves a comment on Facebook like “I LOVE YOU MY LITTLE GIRL, LOVE DAD AND CLEO.” Oh wait, that happens all the time. Well I digress, but the point is– it can be scary as all hell to put yourself out there.

Fear can be a beast, and even if my project doesn’t reach it’s funding goal, these last few weeks I totally squashed fear. I killed him. I won. I took a victory lap, or six.

So What Now?

Well, I don’t know. Maybe I reach my funding goal and take every weekend for the next two months to create an app I’ve wanted for over a year. Or maybe I don’t. Maybe I only raise like 5k, and I come home and open a fresh  bottle of wine. If that is what happens, I can’t help but think…I’ve learned a ton. I’ve had a lot of fun trying my hand at things way outside my wheel house. And lastly…Carpe diem friends. Carpe diem.

A Few Thank Yous

Whether it’s successfully funded or not I have a few thank yous to send out. I’d like to thank Peter for pushing me to do this and for helping me with the video. I’d like to thank the awesome group of ladies around me that for a year or so have been kindly nudging me to do this. Thank you to Ramil for his help designing a beautiful logo and brand vibe (you sir are a freaking mastermind of mobile design and I owe you a weekend of your life back), and thank you to Casey, who as usual — saved my ass late night by doing all sorts of technical wizardry so I could get a lander up and start tracking basic stats.

One last thank you — to all you Twitter peeps who, even though you might not care at all about shopping or fashion, like to remind me that doing shit like this is what it is all about. So true friends, so true.

Enough is Enough, What Do You Say — Is It a Yes?

So if after all that rambling you think you might want to check out my app and donate, I’d really appreciate it. I’ll pay you in high fives, karma, and rainbows. Thanks again for your support friends, I owe you all.



  • Iain Bartholomew

    Good luck!

  • Jey Pandian

    Best of wishes, you’ll definitely succeed and if you don’t, I know you’ll keep trying until you do.

  • Anthony D. Nelson

    Best of luck Joanna. Sounds like a great idea to me (a male, non-shopper).

  • Joanna Lord

    Hey Anthony! Thank you so much :) I have had a bunch of guys tells me today they’d use it. I consider that huge success ha.

  • Joanna Lord

    Hey Jey! Thanks for the support, I will def keep trying. Excited to see how the month unfolds ;)

  • Joanna Lord

    Thanks Iain!

  • Nicole Vander Meulen

    It’s a yes! Way to kill your fear. I admire and am inspired by people like you, for putting themselves out there and doing something scary every day. I hope you meet your goal, so I can download the app someday soon!