Life Bitch Slap #3: “You Knew What You Were Doing”

You did you know. You knew what you were doing.

Everyday I get a note from the Universe delivered to me. Sound crazy? I swear I am not. You can grab your own if you want, over 400,000 people get the daily note. It’s often a reminder of strength, life, love, or something else equally as awesome. Many of them get read from my bed after I hit snooze on my alarm, and I gloss right over them. But one of them the other day really struck me. I mean really struck me. Here is what it said:


Well damn. Isn’t that the truth. That bitch slap was hard and real — I got me here. I made choices, I made plans, I made moves to get me right where I am…and I knew what I was doing.

As the year winds down (almost every year) I get this overwhelming feeling. I feel like a tornado on top of a tornado on top of a tornado. This year has been crazy. “Crazy-push-your-limits-awesome-work” stuff. “Deeper-love-for-life” stuff. “Travel-all-over-the-damn-globe” stuff. “Side-projects-crowd-funded-and-now-becoming-real” stuff. I find myself gasping for air sometimes and I can’t help but feel like I’m a passenger in all of this sometimes. But it felt good to read this and remind myself. I knew what I was doing when I said yes. When I launched the side project. When I committed to this love. When I took this new role (that is way beyond my comfort zone in so many ways.)

I knew what I was doing.

It’s like the Universe knew I needed a reminder. Fear was part of the deal, and I happily signed up for it all (and would again and again and again). I need to trust myself more. Trust that I have the energy, and the will for it all. I need to trust myself I will back off if I have to, I need to trust that I know how much I can handle and still contribue valuable contributions. Hot damn, what a reminder.

The game is rigged in our favor. I am lucky for that. Not everyone has the privilege to compose their own song. Many people do have demons…real demons.  I have been so lucky over the years. Love is all you need, and I have so much of it in my life. After reading this note I realized that I have the power to rid my life of the burdens that pull at my spirits and I have the ability to redirect that energy to better things. It’s completely in my power to do so.

I loved it. It was a sobering reminder – I knew what I was doing when I set all this in motion. I still do.

So do you.

You also look absolutely amazing in those jeans.


  • Cindy Krum

    What a sweet post Joanna – You rock!

  • Doc Sheldon

    Sounds like the universe has you pretty well figured out, Joanna – right down to the jeans!
    I think maybe all of us occasionally think to ourselves, “I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into”, but in reality, I think we usually knew… we may just not have felt like paying any attention to that particular the time. It’s a good way to keep the fear at bay until our confidence is strong enough to put it in its place.

  • Griffin Granberg

    Sometimes all you need is a reminder that you are in control of the direction your life is going in to make it seem just that much more bearable.

    Thanks for sharing this post -griff

  • Joana

    Amazing, I was looking for funny photos on the internet and I found your note from the Universe :)
    You have no idea how it fueled my drive to succeed in the battle that I am fighting right now. Thank you :) Joana Weber