Knowing Your Pillars

You may have noticed the categories for my blog recently changed. Over the last couple years my list of topics had snowballed and all of a sudden I had over a dozen categories I was trying to keep up. What a hot mess it had become. I found myself trying to write based on the last category written for, and not based on what was front of mind. I am super excited to say that I will be launching a pretty serious blog overhaul on this coming Monday and these categories are a good indication of what to expect. Basically you can expect I will be writing about:

  • Entrepreneurship – This will cover mistakes, lessons learned, amazing people that inspire me, ideas for future moves, reflections, and my screw ups as I continue on my path as a start-up junkie.
  • Online Marketing – Over the last few years I’ve spent a great deal of my time learning new tricks. Ill be writing on all channels of marketing as I learn them, test them, and grow in them.
  • Wanderlust – This one is exciting. I won’t tell you *exactly* what it will be but you can imagine anything from glitter to coffee to travel to love…and more.

Why these three you may ask?

three pillars

They are my pillars.My what?! Pillars. When I think about where my mind bounced between throughout the hectic days and into the dark hours of the night, most things can fall into one of these three buckets. I’m hoping this helps streamline my content delivery but also enables me to go with the flow of my fingertips when I post.

When was the last time you thought about your pillars? They change over time you know. These aren’t core beliefs as much as they are passions, and passions evolve. So give it a hot minute. Ask yourself – if you could read, or talk, or type about three things all day, every day…what would they be? Those are your pillars. Now its time to make sure they get the time they deserve. Do they?

That’s all I got for tonight. Consider this one categorized under “Wanderlust” — very meta huh? ;) So excited for Monday… #itstimeforachange

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  • Mike Underell

    A simple message, but a powerful one. Great post.