Two weeks ago I announced that I had wrapped up my time at BigDoor, a leading loyalty software provider here in Seattle. It was a day of many emotions. I feel so lucky to have spent the past year working with such a scrappy, dedicated team. I was able to jump head first into the world of loyalty and retention and growth work with some of the top brands in the world. I am just so damn thankful for all the lessons I learned and what we built together.

It was hard to say goodbye, but I am so excited about my new opportunity. In a lot of ways it’s the type of opportunity I’ve been waiting for Seattle to have – a big consumer play backed by a brilliant team that truly believes in data and growth hacking. Throw in that it involves the visual web, online communities and actually has real-life value for those that use the service and I honestly couldn’t help but jump all in.

And that is exactly what I’m doing. In a week I’ll be jumping in as VP of Consumer Marketing at, the home improvement network, and fastest-growing startup in Seattle. And frankly I’m over the moon excited.

Why Porch?

For about a million reasons to be honest, but let’s start with the big ones.

The Team

If you live in Seattle (or any of the tech cities to be honest) you’ve probably noticed that has been snagging up top talent from some of the best companies out there to join in their mission of helping people love their home. I feel very lucky to collaborate with them and learn from them. After sitting down for just one day with their team I could tell this team was rare…passion, kindness and smarts all over the place.

The Mission

The past few years I was fortunate to spend a lot of time honing on what really matters to me and what I really want from my career and life. Recently I wrote about how I want to have a “beautiful impact” on this world. This to me means I pour my heart and soul and the hours of my day into a product I can get behind, design, share and one that truly makes life better. is that already, in many ways, and will continue to grow into it even more as we share it with the world. It solves a real problem, one that our CEO has talked at lengths about solving. We are helping home professionals do what they love, and homeowners love their home. I mean wow.

Funny enough, I spent a lot of time on my porch as a child. It was the place my family celebrated everything – from birthdays to “ice cream sundaes for dinner” nights, to graduations. My childhood is peppered with family memories on the porch. In fact, before my mom passed away we spent many afternoons on that porch talking about how much she loved it out there. Dad had it built for her so they could watch us grow up in the backyard and play in the pool.

A porch to me represents everything good…family, traditions, laughter, safety, comfort, peace of mind, and spending time together in something you’ve built as a family. Hell I get teared up just think about it.

I am 100% behind spending my days sharing the mission of Porch - love your home. We have very big plans for Porch and the value it will have for homeowners…more on that later, but get excited friends. I know I am.

The Challenge

My journey in marketing has been, unexpectedly, quite funnel like. So meta, huh? I started in performance, moved into engagement, ended up in retention, and fell in love with brand. I’ve gone from running campaigns to launching integrated customer journeys. I went from selling keywords to becoming obsessed with the visual web and what it has to offer.

I am a growth marketer, driven by solving the hardest problems with testing and data. I believe in viral marketing as a practice not a fluke. I believe in using our channels to activate and unlock growth at every turn. I believe that today’s best marketers have the platforms, and the guts required to build bold, beautiful experiences that catch fire and add real value to the consumer. combines so much of what I love. I’m coming on to lead a great team (and looking for a bunch of others to join us…just sayin [wink] [wink]!) and we have the data infrastructure and engineering/design/PR support that most marketers can only dream of. I get to lead the roll out of a product that will combine beautiful images, profiles, valuable features, and community. So.darn.excited.

I think this new challenge will be humbling in many ways as I join the biggest team I’ve ever been a part of and help steer a company through a new stage of growth. I’m not abandoning my startup roots, because Porch is still most certainly a startup in many ways, but it will be exciting to push myself so far out of my comfort zone.

Here We Go

So there you have it. If you haven’t checked out, definitely go give it a look through. And seriously – if you are a great growth marketer (specifically in social, email, performance, or content) and feel like joining an amazing company building something really special – be sure to ping me. We’re growing fast and looking for amazing marketers to join us.

First official day is still about a week away. Until then I’ll be finishing up a few projects, sleeping in a bit, and taking in the Seattle sunshine. Iced americanos down at the waterfront anyone?

Before I wrap up, I also just wanted to say thanks to all you crazy cats who have been so darn supportive over the years. The best thing about having a blog and loving social is that I do very much feel like we are going through all of these changes together. Not like fake “together” but like…really together. So thank you.


  • Chris Winfield

    Super happy and proud of you Joanna! Porch is really lucky to have you :)

  • DennisG

    Congratulations Joanna, really looking forward what you will bring to the company in terms of growth, culture and innovation in marketing. Still looking forward to a visit from you here at Airbnb!

  • kristybolsinger

    Eeeeek I am so damned excited for you. From the very first moment you told me about this opportunity I saw your face light up in a way that was so inspiring and down right contagious. You’ll do big things here I have no doubt!!

  • Eric Lander

    Such wonderful news, Joanna. I really admire your attitude towards work and new opportunities but your ability to be so grounded and confident in your decisions is something I’m envious of… Amazing talent, you are. Congratulations!

  • Brittan Bright

    Congratulations! Cheers to following your heart, soul, and relentlessly and unapologeticly choosing passion. Love it!

  • Ari Nahmani

    Really excited for you and the big change. Best of luck – excited to see what you all do together.

  • Ryan Cox

    Loved. This. Joanna.

  • Gianluca Fiorelli

    So happy for you… somehow now your Pinterest life and your work finally collide :-) .

    I think that I never saw such a great combination as you and working together.