ISITaYES Progress: Screenshots, development & more!

November is almost over. Who is freaking out? Yeah same here. It’s already been a month since I my crowdsourcing efforts on Indiegogo closed. I raised $10,000 to build my app, ISITaYES? Since closing funding it has been a whirlwind to say the least. Two Seattle-based mobile app developers approached me about partnering up on our efforts. They were super stoked about the concept, and after a few emails and some coffee meetings we through our hands in and got to work. We’ve been going full steam ever since. The project has been awesome, and creative, and challenging, and all those other *epic* adjectives us geeky people love so much.

So Where Are We At?

We have final user flows, and final designs! A working prototype has been built, and this week our developer will be wrapping his code in beautiful designs. We are hoping to open a beta in about two weeks time. We didn’t get up in the App Store by Black Friday like we had hoped, but we are still optimistic for a “before End of Year” launch in the App Store. Want to see some of the beautifulness our UX superstar has come up with? Here you go!

screenshots isitayes

You can see we went with a super simple design vibe. We wanted to keep the essence of the app uncluttered. The only things you can do are post images to get votes, vote yourself, and watch the community feed. You can leave comments, and close your own images (if you’ve made a decision), but that’s about it. I think keeping it simple was the most challenging thing. We had all of these cool feature ideas, and we played with them — but ultimately they took us further from the goal of the app. We just want to be able to crowd source a shopping dilemma and we believe these designs do that. To say we are stoked it an understatement.

So What is Next?

This week our developer will be working to deliver a prototype that beta testers can get in and use. We are hoping to get about a dozen people in there, and start posting pics, voting, engaging, etc. We want a few weeks of bug bashing, and then we are gonna wrap this puppy up! I’m still nailing down final “in-app” copy, and starting to prep launch with some marketing efforts.

Once we get the app submitted to the App Store, I’ll  be posting again to let everyone know where we are at. It could take a few weeks to see if we are accepted, and the App Store actually shuts down over Christmas, so we are hoping to make the deadline. Even if we don’t though, ISITaYES will be a pretty little New Years gift to our fresh year shopping selves!

I am also pushing through the legal stuff and other random things like signing up for all the analytics/tracking we will want in the app. I’m also starting to write thank you notes to all those that supported my Indiegogo efforts — they are a coming! I’m going to be reaching out to fashion lovers and get there thoughts on how things are shaping up, so you’ve been warned ;)

Am I Freaking Out?

Funny you should ask…not really. This side project has been on my mind for so long now, and I am just excited to see it come to life! The three of us working on it aren’t really looking too far ahead, but we are excited to see what users (other than ourselves) think of the UX and decisions we made. There were a lot of compromises as we pushed through the user experience, and it’s time to start validating.

From there, who knows. I am excited to play my marketing hand at something more consumer driven, it’s a whole new world of brand building, storytelling, and engagement…which is just exciting. Who doesn’t like to play in other arenas?

To Sum It Up

We’ve been hard at work, but it’s coming together! If you want to be notified when it’s up feel free to ping me on the social web (@joannalord) or sign up on to be notified. If you have feature suggestions, or feedback on the screenshots above, feel free to send them on over! We are all about learning and adjusting right now.

Again, I’d like to say thank you to all of you have pinged me wondering how things are going and offered your help. It’s so cool to have an idea and see it come to life, even if it is just a shopping mobile app. Your energy is much appreciated!

  • Ivan Lim

    Nice one Joanna! Liking the screenshots. If you want some beta testers here in Aus just holler :) Not that I’d be testing it myself, but I’ve got a few shopaholic girl friends who would love this ;) Enjoy the rest of the journey getting the app to market!

  • Iman

    Yay! Can’t wait to download it :)

  • Kristy Bolsinger


    Cannot wait to see this thing in action. It’s REAL!!!! 

  • Maurahintlian

    Very cool, Joanna!!! I can’t wait to use your app! :)

  • robertbrady

    It’s looking good. Keep it up!

  • teacups + B cups

    I love how clean the design is. Bash those bugs because I’m ready to see this show up in the App Store. Good luck with the 12/31 deadline!

  • b_young

    Whoa!  Joanna, the design is awesome.  Clean, simple and sophisticated, love it. Can’t wait to use it :)