Happy Father’s Day Dad…You Are One Hell of a Man.

Dear Dad,

I wish I could say there was a million things I wanted to say to you, but it simply isn’t the case. You’ve always appreciated honesty. You and I have been able to share every story, every question, every fear…always. I’ve said it all (okay, okay…maybe the wine helped, but whatever). We’ve said it all. Thank goodness for that.pic of dad I

I thought to myself – what’s left for him to know? He knows I love him. He knows I’m thankful for him. He knows that I consider him to be the most amazing father, and that he really is my best friend in this bizarre world.

He is the one that understood why I traveled to a different coast. He was the one that encouraged me to wander, and do startups, and explore. He gets that I put more pressure on myself than the world, and he loves me anyway. He slows me down, and reminds me just how lucky I am…just when I need reminding. So what’s left to say?

You’d think…not too much. But then it hit me – he knows just how well he has done for us (all four kids that is). Or at least I would hope he does. He raised an amazing family — first as a dad, then as a dad and a mom. He taught us so much — how to get up early and put in a full days work, how to do right by people, stand by your word, love your family more than anything else, and live simply. As a dad…you have done more than any child could have hoped for. You are an amazing father.

But I wonder if my dad knows — just how amazing a man he is. You Larry Laduc Lord are one hell of a man. Outside of being a dad – you were a great husband (mom told me many times), and you are a good friend (just ask Joe T. and Danielle and Squeak). You served your country. You loved mom like crazy through sickness and health…you defined the vow, and I’m thankful for watching that. You were a great son, I’m not sure if you realize I was old enough to remember…but you were. You have been amazing to my friends…offering advice, sending brownies, being there when they needed reminding of just how amazing they are. You worked hard, everyday, for decades. You had fun, and took it all in over the years…on the porch, sipping Budweisers, late nights at the bar, eating cheese and crackers, playing cards. You inhaled life as it was meant to be inhaled – simply and beautifully.

You continue to do so, and I love that about you. Happy Father’s Day Dad. I am so thankful for you. Our family has been through a lot (as most families have) and you continue to remind me exactly what resilience and love and gratitude means.

You are one hell of a man.

Love, your little girl…


  • Nancee

    I loved this article about your Dad, I know him as he is my cousin, HE is all you said and more . Love reading your articles and your thoughts, keep them coming.

  • http://www.kumailhemani.com/ Kumail Hemani

    Fathers are very special for everyone’s life. They support, help, and encourage on every path. I miss my dad, but I’m lucky I’ve best mother, she is now actually both my father and my mother :-)

  • joannalynnlord

    thanks for sharing this Kumail. I am sure your dad is watching & smiling, and missing you as well :)

  • joannalynnlord

    thanks for commenting Nancee! He really is :) hope you are doing well!

  • http://www.kumailhemani.com/ Kumail Hemani

    Thanks! :)

  • http://www.ephricon.com/ Jon Payne

    Jeez Joanna I’m crying after reading this and I don’t know you or your dad. What a wonderful note here. I’m sure your dad was just bawling. My daughter is 6. I’m now thinking of setting her up on WP and pointing her to this point as an example of what to write :)