Emerald Green, Me & 2013

It’s the year of emerald green you know. Or so *they* say. Whoever that is. Pantone apparently. The last few days I’ve found myself bringing this up in conversation way more than what seems normal. I am compelled for some reason to talk about colors a great deal lately. Maybe it’s the hours spent on Pinterest, or the gray skies of Seattle, but the bottomline is my mind is wandering to color time and time again.

Color statements are a strange thing. Our minds instantly think of fashion and favorite colors…favorite shirts…favorite dresses. For me color has always been a way to show up for the day. Is it a yellow day? Is it a coral day? Am I going to drift through these 24 hours in neutral shades. I’ve always had a strong attachment to color and used it, for lack of a better phrase, as a mood ring of sorts.emerald green room

So emerald. Here we are. 2013 and you and me. I wonder what we will experience together? When I think of you I admit I don’t have too many images come to mind.

…There is that Ireland trip I took a few months ago (you sure have that country in the palm of your hand).

…There is a friend‘s engagement ring which spotlights an emerald (I think you are her soul color and I told her I believe this might just be *her big year* the other day. She probably thinks I’m nuts).

…I picture some beautiful silk gown that is floor length (you know the kind only tall, stunning women wear? I don’t picture it on me, but I picture it and I fall in love over and over again).

…I think of a bathrobe my mom gave me for Christmas one year (whatever happened to that robe…ugh, I loved it).

…and that is about it.

Emerald green you and I sure don’t have a very long history, do we? I think the truth is I always guessed you weren’t “mine” if that makes any sense? Royal blue…ruby red…deep purple…those colors have danced in my closet for years but emerald green…you are the one that got away. Reserved for pale skinned ladies, bold women, and curvacious beauties. You never were one of my colors.

But then again…what the hell does that mean?

So as 2013 gets underway I’ve made a dozen or so resolutions. Lose that last 5 pounds. Find more balance. Do more yoga. Tell my boyfriend I love him more. Ignore the angry people. Listen to more live music. Call my dad more often just because. Take more baths. So on and so forth. But the truth is those aren’t the resolutions that stick out for some reason.

This year I am going to wear more emerald green. I am going to take that stunning, rich, deep color and drape it all over my world. If only to prove to myself that no one is defined by  ”what has always been” and everyone has the chance to change it up…even if that change is a hex code.

So best of luck to you friends this year. May it be full of whatever you wish, wrapped in whatever color shocks you into taking the deepest breaths. Happy New Year.

  • Kristy Bolsinger

    Personally I think emerald green is your new best color :)

  • http://twitter.com/ISpeakSEO Patricia Skinner

    Go you Joanna! If you like a color you should wear it! You probably know that colors vibrate–and our energy takes on that vibration. So that’s a quick explanation of how colors can really affect us. If you like it, make it yours! 

  • http://recalibrate.co/ Ryan McLaughlin

    I am so excited for 2013 because of the potential that this year holds for myself and for our industry. I’m hoping to get to Ireland sometime soon. Where in the country did you go?

  • ellegold

    we need emerald green night out- must wear and drink it… maybe st patrick’s day?

  • joannalynnlord

    I love this idea, but lets get it in before March! k? :)

  • joannalynnlord

    I’ve heard before that colors vibrate and those vibrations fill our life, but its so easy to forget. Thanks for the reminder :)

  • joannalynnlord

    I was super fortunate to hit up the West Coast of towns like Dingle…super small and authentic. I also did Dublin (for a conference) but the real Ireland experience is on the West side :) I hope you have an amazing year Ryan!