Are You a Culture Creator?

Last week my team launched a new About section on It’s beautiful. The imagery, the promises, the culture video – they combine to really get at the heart of what it means to be a Porchie. With the new About section came an updated Value exercise. For the past 6 months the team has been working through a variety of offsites, meetings, emails, and more to help us understand just what we stand for.

Culture. Cultureeeeee. C.u.l.t.u.r.e.

It’s one of my favorite things about startups. We get to define it, we get to build it, and if we’re really lucky we get to spend the majority of our time sharing it with the world. So much has been written about startup culture. What it is and isn’tHow you can’t compromise it. How it’s not really about the startup at all.  And one of my favorites – how important it is that you don’t f-it up.

We can all agree that getting clear on your company culture, hiring in for those that align with it and upholding it are important. You know what we don’t talk enough about? How we can live it, stretch it, shine it. The question I’d ask you is…are you a culture creator?

What’s that mean? It’s a triangulated commitment between you, your team, and the culture itself. a commitment that this is a living and breathing promise that deserves your very best.

You. Are you living it every day? Are you representing it in meetings? Are you questioning your own habits, your own strengths, your own practice on whether they align with the culture? At the end of the day do you run through the values, and the culture tenets and get real honest with yourself — did you do well that day?

Your team. What about your team? And that team? And that other team? Are you thanking people when they exude the right approaches? Questioning in constructive ways when they don’t?

The culture. What about the culture itself? Are you circling back as new seasons of your company come and go, and asking yourself – has anything changed? Should something be added, should something be sunsetted? Is our culture doing okay? What more can we do to support it?

Being a culture creator means you’ve chosen to participate in one of your company’s most valuable assets – it’s heart. You either build, polish and perpetuate it into something magnificent or you don’t. You either become part of it’s momentum of you don’t.

Having a “cool company culture” full of perks, and brand swag and parties – does not a great company make. Waking up each day and participating in the evaluation of your collective promise to the world does.

So let me ask you again, are you a culture creator?

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  • robertbrady

    Great post! The inspiration is refreshing.