A Few Inspirational Thoughts

I call them inspirational thoughts but they are not my own. I have been spending hours…days…weeks on Pinterest and I will admit – I love it. I have come across some of the most amazing one liners. These are ones that have knocked my proverbial socks off. I thought I would share some of them here on the off chance they have a similar impact on your moment… like they did on mine…

Something to remember when you think you can’t possibly achieve everything you want:

Pinterest board shock them quote

Something to remember when you think you have lost your damn mind:

mad hatter quote pinterest

Something to remember when you feel invisible:


Something to remember tomorrow night when you find yourself working at your computer at 1 am:

Lastly… something to remember when the choice you want to make…makes no damn sense:


That’s all I got for now. Thought I’d share a few ripples of motivation your way. Go get em tiger, go get em.

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