A Beautiful Impact

I get asked all the time… “what drives you?” I never really know what to say. I feel like over the years a million things have driven me in startups and marketing and life. I didn’t give the question that much time. The irony, of course, being that I have spent so many hours thinking about questions that really are far less important. Stressing over why I said that one thing, or acted that one time. It all comes back to what motivates us.

The past six months I have had the honor of working with one of Seattle’s most amazing professional coaches – Stacey Sargent, CEO of Connect Growth and Development, Author of a fantastic book on how we all handle our inner critics and brilliant woman all around. The funny thing is – she’d smack me if she saw I called her a professional coach. She adheres to “whole-person intelligence” coaching and believes it’s about helping us bring our life back into work. It’s so up my alley. I couldn’t agree more.

I don’t have work life balance. Never have. I’ve helped build 6 startups, four effectively succeeded, one failed, and one is in the middle of an exciting adventure. I’m a tech advisor, a TechStars mentor, a professor at UW. I’m launching a shopping app, I blog for Entrepreneur.com, MarketingLand, and here. I have been talking, learning, teaching, and doing marketing and tech for over a decade. I’ve traveled the world teaching hundreds of thousands of marketers how to do great marketing. I’m not married, I don’t have kids. Heck, I just got a betta fish, and I have to co-own it, because I have a hard time remembering to feed it. I don’t do balance. 

Or as Stacey has shown me…perhaps I do my balance. And perhaps it is perfectly in balance.

For the past five months we’ve met every other week to work through what I would call “hard stuff.” We talked through my inner critics, my mistakes, my regrets, my weaknesses. We also worked through my strengths, my superpowers, and exercises that showed me just how intense those two camps fight with each other. We worked through what I love about what I do, and where I want to end up. What do I want from all of this? What makes me truly happy?

It all made for a lot of intense sessions of self-reflection, a lot of late nights of reading, and writing, and pushing myself to get at the core of it all. It might sound new-age to you, or cheesy, or even a waste of time, but I can honestly say…working with Stacey has been the best thing I’ve done for myself professionally, hell possibly even personally.

After half a year of us working together, a few huge things came out of it (and a million smaller things). Big things include;

  • I know my core values. I have six core values (on itttyyy bittty notecards) I now carry around with me. I value “passion, acheivement, family, helping others, creativity and humor” more than I value most things. They steer me. They anchor me. They helps me identify when I feel off course.
  • I know where I am easily derailed. Aka, I know why I screwed up so much. Or at least I have some good theories. The first few years of my career were driven by pure ambition. I was very competitive, and not always that empathetic, and I acknowledge that now.  During that time I strengthened some muscles and not others. I now know what I need to work on and where I need to level up.  I can correct for it faster. Especially since the ambition is still so prevalent (and will always be a part of me). There is beauty in a team that is mutually ambitious and working with each other toward a common goal. That excites me.
  • I have words I am comfortable defining myself by. Eeekkk! Okay…here I go. I am an entrepreneur, a business woman, a storyteller, a marketer, a mentor. I am grounded, maternal, and an artist. I’m just gonna throw down on this — most women (and some men) have a hard time screaming “I AM AN ENTREPRENEURIAL BUSINESSWOMAN…AND I AM GREAT AT WHAT I DO!” So we hide it. We blush. We deflect when someone compliments us, and rarely do we own it. I am owning these words. I am these things. I work hard for them.
  • I have a mantra. We did this great exercise where I got to invite 6 business people to dinner. Any 6 in the world. Then we talked through why them, what would I ask them, what advice would they give me. The common thread between my six people were that they: challenged the status quo, empowered other people, were building a legacy, were driven & focused, and they worked their asses off. When it came down to the collective advice they gave me, I concluded they (in my story at least) said this: “Stop worrying and JUST GO!”  … I mean for real people, why don’t we all just stop worrying and JUST FREAKING GO?!

So those are some of the takeaways that really stood out. But the biggest success after all of this was that I had finally nailed down what really motivates me. I could identify the two words that feel so “me” that I can honestly say I wake up every morning, and work late into the night with this on my mind. I take opportunities based on these words, I pass on others because of these words. These two words are me.

I want to have a “beautiful impact” on this world. A beautiful impact. I want to build companies and brands that want to have a beautiful impact on the world. I want to work with investors that believe in investing in a beautiful impact. I hire people that work hard and build things. I believe in the power of design, and imagery. The visual has always been key to the experiences I’ve built and sold. I love beautiful people. Like really beautiful people – inside and out. Honest, real, full of flaws, that are making a difference. “Beautiful” to me means you have the power to stop someone in their tracks with a moment so real that it encourages a deep breath, a thankful breath…for that singular experience. That experience could be between people in a community, between a consumer and a product, or a brand and a customer, or two colleagues building something together. It could be felt when you see a photo or read a story. Moments of beautiful impact are rare, but to me…it’s what this is all about.

As Stacey pointed out with every superpower comes the other side…it’s called the “light” and the “shadows.” The light of such a goal is pretty obvious. But the shadows include – lack of patience for those mailing it in, a need to move fast and go hard that can cannibalize others. It can be intimidating, my obsession for progress can come off as inauthentic (because what crazy person could care that much about a homepage layout? #raiseshand). I have a high bar for the beautiful which can cause friction with fans of MVPs, baseline experiences, and uber lean approaches. To have a beautiful impact you often have to be bold, outside the box, and you have to often follow your intuition. You have to trust the consumer, hear what they need, put them first. You have to aspire to delight them at every corner…sometimes at the detriment of short-term revenue. This is hard, and frankly…not right for every company. It’s not the goal of every team. With the light, comes the dark.

It’s a funny thing…knowing what motiviates you. It’s invigorating. I’m finding it easier to say no to certain things. I find it easier to push through hard meetings, and challenges.

If you’ve ever felt “kind of lost” on what to do next, or where to work, or whether you should go out on your own…it might be worth working on this. I’m a big believer of getting to the core of it all – no matter how messy, or full of mistakes that core might be. Because you are special. Each of us is, and we have our own two words, or three, or four. We have our own fire burning for something.

Time is super precious people. We all know this. I have always operated like there was a good chance I might not live that long, oddly enough I’ve very much thankful for my carpe diem perspective.  Maybe it’s because my mom died at age fifty, the day before I graduated highschool, or maybe it’s because I’ve buried six friends before they turned 25. I don’t know. To me none of us knows how long we have, yet each of us really does have something so freaking spectacular to share.

We all have our way of leaving a beautiful impact. Imagine if we could shine a bright light on it, and then just spend every minute sharing the hell out of it…with friends, family, kids, work, our teams, the customers, the world.

Big stuff. I know. Damn.

Maybe this post gives you a bit of the “hmmm, sounds a bit cheesy, or Pinteresty-quotey-to-me” chills. I get it. Self-reflection, professional coaching, intraspection, scribbling in notebooks…it’s not everyone’s game.

But living everyday to the fullest? That is. Every single one of us wants to do more of that. I’m very thankful to Stacey and the work we put in. Because of it I’m closer to knowing what carpe diem means for me. I truly hope you all have your “ah-ha” moment.

And if you haven’t and you’re searching for it, feel free to give Stacey a ring. Perhaps sharing her awesomeness with you is all part of me having my beautiful impact. #thankful #payitforward

  • http://www.esvienne.com Selena Narayanasamy

    This is such an inspiring, relatable and awesomely raw piece of personal writing. Sometimes I sit back and reflect on what I’m doing, and I wonder if I’m the only one who feels like I’m incredibly happy going a mile a minute when others might think I’m crazy.

    Like I was saying on Twitter, the time thing is so strange. There are days where I literally feel like I have to do this, or do that, or I may not get a chance to experience it again. But it’s true. Life can change in the blink of an eye, so maybe the “time is running out” feeling is something that’s “special” to certain people. I read the Steve Jobs biography and one of the things I remember was the author describing him as someone who always acted as if he didn’t have much time left. He operated so bullishly and with such tunnel vision. But in the end, he was a visionary who completely changed the industry, and if he wasn’t driven by that strong voice inside him, he may not have changed communication as we know it before he died.

    You’re going to make waves lady, keep letting whatever is driving you steer the way, and you’ll make much more than a beautiful impact on the world :) What else are we on this planet for, if not to change lives and impact as many people as we can? As always, you’re extremely motivating and remind me that it’s OK to just do whatever I need to do, even if it may not make sense to others from the outside.

  • http://letter10creative.com Letter10 Creative

    I read most of your blog posts, but this one really struck a chord. I’ve been feeling creatively stale lately, and am struggling to find the best “what next” in my career growth… (what do you do next when you’ve met all your 5-year goals within 4?) This has inspired me to take a step back and reevaluate the importances in my life and better focus on the positive impact I want to make in the world. I also wish that Stacey lived in Vermont, haha. Keep up the good work, Joanna

  • Michael Liberman

    Amazing post Joanna! I got the chills while reading it :)

  • joannalynnlord

    Thanks Mike! Hope you and Mary are doing well!

  • joannalynnlord

    Thank you so much lady! FWIW Stacey works with lots of clients outside of WA :) let me know if you want me to connect you two! Hope you are doing well and really appreciate your kind words!

  • joannalynnlord

    I am *just* getting around to the comments here, but I just wanted to say…thank you lady. I’ve loved watching you make your own waves over the years. I am so glad our paths have crossed in this crazy adventure :)

    You too are going to continue to do amazing, bold things. #gogetem #dontholdback