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Nov 18

Adwords Launches Leaderboard Ads for Google Images

Today is an exciting day folks. For those of you who have been sitting around wondering how to get 100% share of voice on Adwords, Christmas came early with Tuesday’s announcement from Adwords. They have officially launched leaderboard ad placements on Google Images through their Display network.

A few months ago Google launched the thumbnail image along side text ads above Google Images, and that was fine…only problem was there were two ads per query, and the spacing/format was a bit awkward if you asked me. I think invasive would be a good word for it. You can see what I mean here, from me searching “blue jeans” :

Yeah it’s better than nothing, but I, personally, haven’t seen huge CTRs from these placements. I think it was due to a combination of factors, but ultimately those ads just aren’t compelling. The good news is I think the Google Gods were listening in on all of our complaining and decided to make this sexy new placement as an option:

Dead sexy right? I’m not sure if you are all seeing what I am seeing…but it has something to do with %100 share of voice…or what I am calling “The Promise Land of PPC.”

So what are the details? Well they just launched this. I did a bunch of searches and haven’t seen too many showing up, so either people haven’t opted in yet, or they are rolling it slowly. Also this is all beta (like everything in the Google world) so they might introduce another ad up there in the same format soon enough.

So get on it. This is a great example of someone doing something all sorts of right. Let’s say I wanted a fancy pair of red heels for the holiday season and I did a search for “red high heels,” clicking through to Google images (Disclaimer: this may or may not be a real story…I heart shoes.) Anyway, look at Anne Klein. Holy smokes, now THERE is some coverage.

Even more interesting is taking a look at the Google results on the web results. Look who ISN’T anywhere on the first page (organic or paid)…

Yeah. Look at all of that competition they would have to compete with on the search network. Nutzzz.  Need another example, check this out. I was doing a search for “las vegas flights,” which from my experience working for TripAdvisor I can tell you is a pricey freaking word. Anyway, check out the competition on the first page of the web results:

Now, let’s just say I clicked through on the image searches (which I realize would be a bit unusual) but look what I got:

Well done AlaskaAirlines.  They are getting serious brand equity with that buy. #whoa #thatPPCstrategistdeservesaraise.

So what makes this new ad type blog worthy? It’s an ad buy that a lot of very rich advertisers don’t know about. I suggest you get in there, and take advantage of this ASAP. Get creative with those display ads too… without any other ad there, the contextual experience is yours to control.

Whew…this just gets me all sorts of excited. Who is freaking out? Yeah me too.